Transfer Lift

The first compact, portable, and most importantly, affordable, fall-recovery and transfer lift platform that can be used and stored almost anywhere.

Two of the most common problems suffered by mobility-limited individuals (such as those bound to a wheelchair, the elderly, or the obese) are recovering from a fall to the floor/ground, and transferring between seating surfaces of varying heights. The solutions to both of these problems currently rely on either the help from other people to physically lift them, or the use of “crane” or “track” style lifting systems that are exceedingly expensive and unaffordable to most, large and cumbersome, and comparatively immobile as they are mounted systems meant for hospitals, nursing homes, or more “industrial” types of use.

Transfer Lift Goals

  • Lift people to & from the wheelchair easily and safely

  • Manufactured locally (U.P., Michigan, US)

  • Affordable (low cost to manufacture and sell)

  • Portable (handle, wheels, light weight, small)

  • Safe (no tipping, no sudden drop, no pinching) on extension and collapsing.

  • Meet any medical or federal/state requirements/certifications/licensing

  • Remotely operated.

  • Self-Operable

  • Manual version to fit behind a wheelchair

Clients/End Users

    • End Users (Individuals)

      • Temp Injured,

      • Permanently immobile

      • Elderly

      • Obese

    • Home-Care Providers (Portable in vehicle)

    • Medical Facilities (Clinics, Emergency Services - Ambulances, Hospitals)

    • Adult Care Facilities/Communities

    • Veterinary Facilities (Lifting large dogs to examination tables)

    • Vehicle Mechanics

    • First Responders

Operations and Options:

Our lift can be connected to one or more additional lifts, physically with a locking “Connector Bridge” (various sizes from 2” to 30”) to fill the gap between the machines. Then the control boxes are connected via a cable included with this accessory kit, so all connected machines run from a single controller in a Master/Slave(s) configuration. Other accessories include a backrest with provisions for a lap or gait belt, a handle to brace against when transferring, and a locking slide board (one is included with the machine, but can also be purchased separately if someone wants more than one).

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