Core Value

Adaptive Abilities exists to help the mobility impaired community find creative, affordable, solutions to common problems involved in simply “getting around.” We help people with mobility issues improve their lives.

Executive Summary

Two of the most common problems suffered by mobility-limited individuals (such as individuals bound to a wheelchair, the injured, the elderly, or the obese) are recovering from a fall to the floor/ground, and transferring between seating surfaces of varying heights. The solutions to both of these problems currently rely on help from other people such as emergency personal or very strong individuals to physically lift them, or the use of “crane” or “track” style lifting systems that are exceedingly expensive and unaffordable to most, large and cumbersome, and comparatively immobile as they are mounted systems or meant for hospital-type use. Not only are these solutions inconvenient but they can also be very embarrassing to the individuals.

*Mobility impaired person may have a leg injury or have no or little use of their legs, or elderly or obese.

Clients/End Users

    • End Users (Individuals)

      • Temp Injured,

      • Permanently immobile

      • Elderly

      • Obese

    • Home-Care Providers (Portable in vehicle)

    • Medical Facilities (Clinics, Emergency Services - Ambulances, Hospitals)

    • Adult Care Facilities/Communities

    • Veterinary Facilities (Lifting large dogs to examination tables)

    • Vehicle Mechanics

  • First Responders